Sunday, August 23, 2009

So it has been two months since my last post. Honestly, I've felt pretty discouraged from the blogging realm. But I really wanted to write about my absolute favorite nail polish that I think everyone should have right now. Other nail blogs have posted this one up, as I found out today.
Shopping around Ulta about a week ago, this is the one OPI nail polish from the Espana collection that really caught my eye: Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow.
I've been looking for a very dark shade that isn't a navy and I already have one that is a very dark purple/red. So when I saw this green I had to have it. I'm in love. Here are some pictures I found from other websites... because I'm too lazy to upload my own.

photo credit: MagicMaid

I feel like I have jalepenos on my fingers!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

W is for...

So a pretty interesting couple is donning the cover of W magazine's July issue. I personally think the spread is pretty badass, and these are my favorite photos from it.

The vulnerability of this shot is completely amazing. And even better when you know that the cowering man in the corner is...


Yep. Kinda weird, but really hot. Willis and his wife Emma kind-of remind me of Tim Armstrong and Brody Dalle in this shoot... maybe mid/post breakup... all very drunken, sad, and pissed off. So very sorry I'm completely exploiting the two in my head with this scenario... but I like it. And Bruce still has his bod.

For shits and giggles. Yes? No? Maybe? Damn, they were hot.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

i want i want

So I smell like barbecue sauce and meat right now, but that's just because my mom made ribs for dinner tonight. 
Lately I have felt so worn out and tired (just as of the last couple days, really) and allll I want is to not have to go to work tomorrow. 
I guess that's not all I want, actually. In fact, there are LOTS of things I want. One of those things being a nicer camera or place to take pictures, because you know everyone looks SUPER COOL with a nice camera. Or scratch that, I probably still wouldn't look cool.
While I'm on the subject of things I want, a t-shirt from 5 preview is on the top of my list.... I love the look of this line. It's really simple but the photography is edgy and dark. Also, I really like that they communicate with the public through their blog, all while posting pictures of real people wearing their stuff. It seems like they truly appreciate everything. Plus, the masks remind me of The Bloody Beetroots and uhhh yeah, that's awesome.

(pics source: 5preview)

Monday, June 1, 2009

pretty vacant

Being sick with the flu for the last couple of days, my blog has been a little lackluster. Last night were the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, which sucked. Nevertheless, it was something to occupy my time in between hugging the toilet. The only funny moment being when Sacha Baron Cohen (as Bruno) fell ass-first into Eminem's face. 
But what I really wanted to discuss, is how annoying Kristin Stewart is. Stewart's bratty, thirteen year old "I don't want to be here" antics, not to mention wearing chuck taylor's with her dress (can't you put on heels for one night?) were enough to make me pull the plug. 
You know, my big problem with the movie Juno was that no one on the planet is actually as weird or quirky as Ellen Page's character, and it came off as trying far too hard to be like-able. However, after seeing Stewart last night with the whole biting her nails on stage and mumbling like she's never had an acting class in her life, I stand corrected. 
Stewart should have actually played Ellen Page's character because she is even more dull and boring, and it is probably her real personality. In fact, they could have saved us time and combined both Juno and Adventureland into one shitty movie... who wouldv'e known the difference?
Hopefully after Twilight New Moon comes out, we won't have to hear from the talentless actress again - OR, maybe we will be bombarded with more Juno-Land, psuedo-indie movies from wannabe angst-ridden teens - most likely the latter will happen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

civilian ways

Soooo the new Rancid album comes out June 2nd!!! I realllly need to get my tickets ahhh! Anyway, you can hear the new cd at their myspace. The track Civilian Ways is definitely my favorite so far, mmmm mandolin and slide guitar, yesss.

Monday, May 25, 2009

woulda shoulda coulda

So I totally forgot I had work tonight. If I didn't have to fulfill my duties as a loyal employee (chea, right), then I would have worn thiiiis today. After cutting the hems off my old Stones tee like I said I would yesterday, I decided to go ahead and cut the pockets off an equally old skirt and throw this together. I have big thighs.

Friday, May 22, 2009

back that ass up

Soooo ripped, bleached, studded and shredded jeans are in this season... or something. I already tried bleaching my jeans and that was an epic fail. I'd rather just buy a pair from Bess, but I'm broke. 
Anyway, my point that I want to get to that had nothing to do with the beginning of my post is that I am sick of seeing tacky ass pocket embroidery on designer jeans. Sorry to say I got into True Religions a couple years ago, I will keep telling myself that happened before all the bro's and bro ho's started wearing them (I live on the west coast where this "look" runs rampant). Everyone has True Religions now. I seriously don't know what could be more desperate than wearing a giant price tag on your butt. There is nothing better than advertising to the world "I SPENT 200 DOLLARS ON MY JEANS...AND STILL HAVE NO STYLE."
Sparking my rage today were these jeans I found from Siwy. I came across the Hannah Crop in Snowstorm and was all sorts of excited...
Until I saw the back.
Btw, does anyone else think Ashley Tisdale bares are striking resemblance to Steven Tyler?